Our top-tier therapists are not simply employees – they are highly valued team members. We encourage collaboration, innovation, and always provide our clinicians with the resources needed to stay on the cutting edge of rehabilitative techniques and become experts in their field of study.

We make a Patient First Pledge to our therapists and the residents entrusted to our care – a promise to always do what is necessary to deliver the best possible care and to never shackle our specialists with unrealistic productivity standards that cause demoralization, stress, and sub par care. Benchmark is proud that our company culture and principles have provided us very little employee turnover. This continuity of care allows residents, staff, and administration to build familiarity with our therapy teams, and this familiarity inherently develops trust and efficiency.

We are always seeking passionate therapists who share our commitment for providing the highest quality of specialized care in a warm environment of kindness and patient engagement and want to join a positive company culture of integrity, work ethic, and customer service. Rehabilitation is not a job to us – it’s our calling.

Solely Owned

We are therapist owned and operated. We are not shackled by answering to an unresponsive board of non therapists for decision making  Рwe answer to our patients, clients, and team members. Period.

Patient First Productivity

We do not bog our therapists down with unrealistic productivity standards that create sub par care and demoralized therapy departments. We ask for 75% and 85% productivity for therapists and assistants respectively.

Job Security

Benchmark has never experienced a contract dissolution due to customer dissatisfaction and some of our current contracts have been in place for over a decade with team members who have been with us for just as long!

Personalized Care

We proudly deliver our specialized care through one on one patient and therapist interactions. This creates rehabilitation programs that are specialized to each specific person under our care – and leads to real results.


We feel like a family here. You can pick up the phone and call leadership anytime you need any type of help.

Robert, PT with Benchmark since 2010

Our management is very caring and supportive. They make sure you know that you matter.

Joe, PT with Benchmark since 2009